N.D. governor debates

BISMARCK–The Democratic candidate for governor says he wants to debate Gov. Jack Dalrymple at least seven times before the November election.

Senate Minority Leader Ryan Taylor, D-Towner, said an office as important as governor needs to have several public debates.

Amanda Godfread, a campaign spokeswoman for Dalrymple, sent the following statement:

“Governor Dalrymple fully intends to debate. We will consider all the requests to do so as we receive them, taking into account the governor’s schedule.”

What do you think? Are you interested in watching Taylor and Dalrymple debate?

One thought on “N.D. governor debates

  1. This is an important time in our state. One that make or break our quality of life for decades. You bet we better have a debate or two or three. The person that we choose to lead the state for the next term better know his stuff.

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