Does N.D. need this Facebook law?

BISMARCK–I hear my wonderful Minnesota counterpart Don Davis has the following story planned for tomorrow: A group of Minnesota legislators, conservative and liberal, has come together on a bill forbidding potential employers from ordering job applicants to share Facebook passwords with them.

One of my editors asked me to find out if there was any movement in North Dakota on this. I haven’t heard anything, so I asked around a bit.

North Dakota Senate Industry, Business and Labor Chairman Jerry Klein, R- Fessenden, said nobody has approached him with a bill about the issue. A few other legislators also hadn’t heard about any requests for one.

But Rep. Corey Mock, D-Grand Forks, said he visited with Legislative Council earlier this week about how North Dakota’s laws and labor commission would handle a complaint¬†of an employer requiring access to a social networking profile of a prospective or current employee.

“The internal debate during the research is whether access to a social networking profile would allow an employer to learn the¬†candidate’s age, gender, race, religion, marital status or other protected information that cannot be used in making a hiring decision,” Mock said.

He said no legislation has been drafted yet, but research is being conducted to determine if legislation may be necessary.

“I have heard concern from a couple of constituents, which is the reason we’re investigating this matter and deciding whether legislation would be appropriate,” he said.

What do you think? Here’s a national story on the issue if you haven’t heard about it.

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