Kelly Schmidt will seek third term as state treasurer

BISMARCK—North Dakota State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt will seek a third term in office.

Schmidt, a Republican, had a news conference this morning in Bismarck to announce her intentions.

“In 2004, I made a promise. My promise still stands,” she said. “I will continue to apply my principles of hard work and integrity to best serve the people of North Dakota.”

The treasurer’s office cash management responsibilities have increased 550 percent, she said. In 2004, the office was managing 54 general fund CDs at a record $750 million, she said. Today, that number has increased to 326 CDs at over $2 billion.

In January 2005, the office distributed nearly $23 million in tax distributions. That number rose to $65 million this January.

“We’ve done this with efficiency, accountability and— with the exception of one-time spending for technology costs—we’ve accomplished this with a 15 percent reduction in our operating budget,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said she’s been committed to running an administration focused on modernizing the office and making it more transparent. She said she plans to continue that if she receives another term.

The treasurer’s office has seen a significant increase in website activity and plans to expand the website to provide more transparency and education relating to the distribution of state funds, Schmidt said.

North Dakotans want to know where their money is being used, she said. “The people’s treasury is the people’s business,” she said.

Schmidt was elected treasurer in 2004 and re-elected in 2008. She is a member of the State Investment Board, Teachers Fund for Retirement, University and School Lands Board, Tax Equalization and the State Historical Board.

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  1. Kelly,

    I’m so glad you will run again and take good care of our North Dakota resources.
    We need folks like you. Best of Wishes.

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