The oil boom’s impact on schools

BISMARCK–As a Class B girl, I knew I wanted to stop at a small North Dakota school during my oil tour earlier this month to see the boom’s impact on K-12 education.

I settled on Stanley, a town that I’d heard much about but had never made it to–besides driving by—in my 30 years.

I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff there, and the mix of excitement yet caution in the community was interesting. They know they need to expand the K-12 buildings due to climbing student enrollment, but they also realize the economy could change and put a quick end to the influx of students.

You can read my full story here.

The impact of the boom on schools will come up again later this week during a legislative meeting. The Energy Development and Transmission Committee meets Thursday in Bismarck.

Here is the list of western North Dakota schools scheduled to appear before legislators to talk about the impact of oil production on K-12 education:

Steve Holen – Superintendent, McKenzie County Public School District

Gary Wilz – Superintendent, Killdeer Public School District

Viola LaFontaine – Superintendent, Williston Public School District

Douglas Sullivan – Superintendent, Dickinson Public School District

Kent Hjelmstad – Superintendent, Stanley Public School District