Sanstead to decide next month if he will seek another term

BISMARCK—State Superintendent Wayne Sanstead said he will decide next month if he will seek another term to the office.

Sanstead, 76, now in his seventh four-year term, said his Christmas mail has been filled with inquiries about whether he will run again.

“I suppose I get the same inquiry four or five times a day from somebody somewhere,” he said with a laugh.

However, he said it would be near President’s Day before he announces his intentions.

“Some of that is, frankly, campaigns are long enough,” he said.

Sanstead also said he schedules a full physical before deciding to run for office to make sure he’s up to doing the job, and he still needs to make an appointment. He said he also needs to take into consideration his wife’s health.

“That’s weighing on me more than anything else,” he said. “If it were simply interest and willingness to stay, I’d probably lean that way (seeking another term) right away.”

Sanstead has served in public office for 46 years. Besides his work as state superintendent, he also served eight years in the state House of Representatives, two years in the Senate and eight years as lieutenant governor under Art Link.