Mathern proposes lockout legislation

BISMARCK–Sen. Tim Mathern, D-Fargo, wants to see state legislators approve a bill that would allow workers in a lockout situation to be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. 

Mathern sent an email to legislators and the media this morning outlining his proposal in hopes it will get approved during the special session that begins Nov. 7. 

“In summary, I believe there are persons who at no control of their own are unemployed and need these benefits,” Mathern said in the email. “In lieu of these benefits, their families need social service assistance programs, which are a cost to general government. Eligibility for unemployment benefits for locked out workers until they find other work is provided for in Minnesota and other states.” 

Mathern said he’s discussed the bill with House Majority Leader Al Carlson of Fargo, who is chairman of Legislative Management. Mathern said he would like to see bipartisan support for the bill. 

“I see it as important to clarify this, (no) matter what the American Crystal outcome may be,” Mathern said in the email. 

You can read the Unemployment Lockout Bill here.