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Greetings Teri!!!!

Are public colleges and universities required to provide any transitional assistance to students enrolled in a program and the program is closing prior to their degree completion? I am thinking primarily of undergraduate students that may have two or three years invested towards a degree and will not be able to complete the degree on or at their home campus due to the program closing.

Transferring often results in some credits being lost and additional burdens due to higher expenses of housing, tuition, etc. at the transfer institution. Sometimes the exact major is not available at the home or transfer institution and a change of major may be necessary. This requires more time as an undergraduate. And time is money.

Is this situation different if the student were in a graduate program?

Matthew Mootz


Thanks for writing! I contacted the North Dakota University System. Lisa Johnson, director of articulation and transfer, provided this response:

“The decision to terminate an academic program of study requires thoughtful planning and careful consultation – particularly with students impacted by that decision.

“Typically, the institution will continue teaching the courses necessary for students currently enrolled in the program, then no longer admit students to the program and, finally, terminate the program.

“In some cases, the institution may contract with another educational institution to provide coursework that enables students to complete their program of study.”

University System spokeswoman Debra Anderson said anyone with questions can call the office directly “so that we can work with them to resolve their specific concerns. I know they will find our office to be very responsive.”

The number for the University System office is (701) 328-2960.

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