Last chance to submit Thanksgiving recipes, traditions

As the holidays approach, Forum Communications needs your help to make them tastier than ever this year.

We’re working on a multimedia Thanksgiving cooking project and want to hear about your favorite recipes, traditions and memories. Here are the categories that we need your help in:

-Secrets to making a great turkey

-Turkey recipes

-Thanksgiving meal horror stories (fires, raw turkey, pie fell on the floor, had to order pizza etc.)

-Recipes for favorite Thanksgiving side dishes (stuffing, cultural favorites, salads, etc.)

-What are some easy recipes to let kids help with the Thanksgiving feast?

-Families that make Thanksgiving cooking a family affair, not just Mom in the kitchen.

-Healthy Thanksgiving recipes, including recipes for diabetics, etc.

-Thanksgiving dessert recipes

-Your advice on how to make it through a stressful cooking day

-Favorite Thanksgiving memories/traditions

-Leftovers: What are your recipes to get rid of the 10 tons of leftover turkey?

All responses can be sent to Teri Finneman at or by writing to her at The Forum, State Capitol Press Room, Bismarck, ND 58505. Feel free to email photos of your fantastic dishes so we can see the finished product, photos of your family making them, etc. Be sure to include photo captions.

All responses should include your name, city, state and a phone number to reach you to ask any additional questions. All email responses are due by noon Saturday. If you plan to mail them, get them in the mail  Saturday morning.