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Dear Teri,

With all the trucks hauling fill around the Devils Lake area, what plans does the North Dakota Department of Transportation have to make sure that ‘haul roads’ are restored to their original condition after all the dike projects are complete?

Specifically, there is a steady stream of 18-wheeler side dumps hauling heavy rock down ND#32, ND#17 and ND#20 daily. These roads were all in good/excellent condition but are taking a severe beating from these heavy loads. Will NDDOT make sure the contractors involved pay for any damages done?

Mike Connor


Thanks for writing! I contacted Jamie Olson of the state Department of Transportation. Here’s what she said:

“The North Dakota Department of Transportation maintains state highways during our construction projects and other types of events, including flooding and snow events. As with any other construction project, the NDDOT is responsible for maintaining the state highways around Devils Lake, including ND Highway 32, ND Highway 17 and ND Highway 20.

“The highways are designed for trucks to haul legal weights. Sometimes increased truck traffic may speed up deterioration of the roadways, therefore, the department will continue to monitor the highways in the Devils Lake area and determine if any projects need to be completed.”

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  1. The maintenance of roads is not the contractor’s responsibility. That is what you pay your gas taxes for.

  2. My husband is an owner/operator of single dump truck hauling service. He has been told of the need for more trucks but I am only able to find limited information. How may we find the contractor and/or subcontractors for the levy work? I have learned that Versacon out of MN was awarded the job from Army Corp of Engineers but not who was awarded the dirt work. Any help is appreciated.

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