My Josh Duhamel morning

BISMARCK–Josh Duhamel isn’t the first celebrity I’ve interviewed, but he’s definitely one I’ll always remember.

Originally slated to visit with him in person on Saturday about his trip to Minot, I got an early morning phone call telling me there was a change of plans. Due to his packed schedule, I’d instead be talking to him on the phone this morning.

I rushed into work to notify the four newspapers and three TV stations that I work for that the story was now coming for tomorrow, not Sunday. The Forum wanted me to capture sound from my phone conversation, so I spent the morning making sure that it would work properly and doing several tests. The last thing a girl wants is to make a fool of herself in front of Josh Duhamel.

Instead, I ended up making a fool of myself in front of the Fargo newsroom. I’d forgotten that I’d earlier asked a male co-worker to call me for one last sound check. So, when my phone rang 25 minutes before the scheduled interview and the caller said, “This is Josh,” I made a mad rush to turn on all of my equipment, find my questions and begin the interview.

It seemed odd to me that “Josh” was being a bit rude to me, but I took it in stride as I was still trying to get organized. When he told me that he and Fergie had split up, I knew I was being punked. 

Twenty minutes later, the real Josh Duhamel called and was as nice and polite as could be. I very much enjoyed our conversation, which you can read here and listen to a portion of it, as well. I’ll also provide coverage on Saturday from the Black Eyed Peas concert in Minot, so look for that in Sunday’s papers.

As for The Forum, I’ll think of a way to punk them back. Josh has a sense of humor. Maybe he can help me.