VIDEO: Poverty in western North Dakota’s oil country

BISMARCK–A few weeks ago, Jamestown Sun photographer John Steiner and I headed to Watford City to learn more about poverty in the Oil Patch.

There have been a lot of stories written about all of the wealth in western North Dakota and–after hearing the Great Plains Food Bank’s mobile food pantry makes the 750-mile round trip out there every three months–I was intrigued to look at the other side of the story: those who aren’t reaping the benefits of the boom.

As we pulled into the parking lot where the food was handed out, it struck me how many cars were already lined up and the mobile food pantry wasn’t scheduled to arrive for another half an hour.

You can view the video below and read the full story here.

One thought on “VIDEO: Poverty in western North Dakota’s oil country

  1. Teri – Thank you for writing this article. The state seems to ignore the amount of people being hurt by the oil rush. ND saw large increases in those on food stamps, housing, and other assistance during the past few years. Greed is definitely hurting many in ND.

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