North Dakota still ranks No. 9 in top governor races

BISMARCK–Despite no one having officially announced a run for governor, North Dakota continues to rank No. 9 in Politico’s Top 10 governor races.

Coping with flooding across the state has put thoughts of Election Day 2012 on the backburner here. But certainly the anticipation of who will all throw their names in the hat is enough to make the Top 10 list.

As the Politico story points out, Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple has definitely put on the miles in recent months, giving people across the state  an opportunity to see his style of leadership throughout the flood fights.

Not even a year into his new job, John Hoeven’s former No. 2 man is making the governorship his own and has earned praise from Republicans and Democrats.

But a strong surge from the state’s conservatives who want to rein in state spending could add some spice to the race, as well as the question everyone is waiting to have answered: Will Democrat Heidi Heitkamp run?

What do you think of Dalrymple’s leadership this far? Do you want to see Heitkamp enter the race?