Oregon man brings veterans cause to N.D. Capitol

BISMARCK—An Oregon bicyclist determined to raise money and awareness for combat-wounded veterans is going to state Capitols across the country to spread his message.

On Thursday, Scot King of Remember The Wounded Ride took his cause to the North Dakota Capitol.

Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley is the highest official in the eight states traveled so far who agreed to hear about the cause, King said.

“We need to bring awareness of the plights of the families of these combat-wounded veterans,” said King, a 47-year-old Portland native who began his cross-country journey May 7. “I feel our men and women in uniform deserve everything, and their families right now are suffering, especially the combat-wounded veterans’ families.”

Jeff Zent, a spokesman for the North Dakota Governor’s Office, said people stop by on occasion, hoping to meet the governor and lieutenant governor. King asked if either was available for a picture, and Wrigley agreed.

Wrigley said he was impressed to hear about King’s journey.

“During our brief chat, I did learn that he has quickly picked up on the fact that North Dakota is bursting with patriotic pride, and we are heartfelt in our support for military members and veterans,” Wrigley said in a statement.

King, who served in the Marines from 1986-90, has now dedicated his life to this cause and hopes to raise $1 million in the next two years. So far, he’s raised $4,500.

This year, he plans to hit 31 states, with the remaining 17 next year. King said he chose to ride his bike instead of drive to every state Capitol to show his dedication and earn respect.

“Anybody can get in a car and drive it to state Capitols,” he said. “Not everybody can get on a bicycle and ride to every state Capitol.”

He will also attend an event at the Bismarck Elks honoring combat-wounded veterans at 7 p.m. today.

Learn more about King’s journey and his cause here.

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  1. Good on you North Dakota for have the decency to have Mr Wrigley meet with Mr King . I am proud to have one of my fellow Oregonians show such strength for something he believes in and I am warmed by your welcome . I think we often forget that the lingering effects of wars go on for years and sometimes lifetimes . I just pray we consider the cost when venturing into war . This is not a sport it costs are allmost incalculable . darrel johannes Beaverton Oregon

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