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Dear Teri,

Just wondering how the North Dakota Lottery is making out? Is the lottery making a profit after expenses, and how is the profit being used?


David Jenson

Thompson, N.D.

Thanks for writing! I chatted with Lottery Director Randy Miller to find out what’s new. Here’s what he said:

“The lottery continues to receive broad public support in the play of our games. Fiscal year 2011 ticket sales through May 31 are $21.4 million.

“We’re estimating to transfer approximately $5.4 million to the general fund at the end of the fiscal year.

“In addition to that, we’re also looking at transferring $422,500 to the multi-jurisdictional drug task force grant fund. Also, each year, $200,000 goes to the compulsive gambling prevention and treatment fund.

“We’re pleased with our sales. Players are continuing to support us and the lottery. We have five games: Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2, and 2 by 2. Last year was our record-setting sales year for the lottery at $24.4 million in sales.”

The Lottery Division is also updating its website and working to enhance social media communication, he said.

The breakdown of each $1 lottery ticket can be found at Here it is:

• Prizes: 52 cents.

• Contracted services: 10 cents.

• Retailer commissions 5 cents.

• Administrative/operating expense: 3 cents.

• Marketing/advertising expense: 3 cents.

• Compulsive gambling prevention and treatment fund: 1 cent.

• Multi-jurisdictional drug task force grant fund: 2 cents.

• Prize reserve pools: 1 cent.

• State general fund: 23 cents.

Dear Teri,

Is it legal to drive down the road with your plug in your boat?

Sandra Sackett


Thanks for writing! I contacted the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Here’s what Nancy Boldt told me:

“Yes, it is. Most people take them out … there’s no requirement to leave it in or out.”

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