Minot flood photos June 22

MINOT–Here are some more flood photos from Minot today. You can see aerial and additional photos in the Fargo, Grand Forks, Dickinson and Jamestown newspapers, as well as on their websites.

Building a dike near city hall and the library

One of the city’s shelters, Minot Auditorium

4 thoughts on “Minot flood photos June 22

  1. I was wondering about the Bliven family who was featured a few years ago on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. Their episode was replayed today on CMT and I remembered them being in Minot and that you guys up there are going through all the flooding… Is their house being affected by the flooding? Just wondering how they are doing… Thanks for any information.

  2. I haven’t lived in Minot for many years, but remenber floods when I was younger. I can’t imagine how bad it was until I had looked at the photos. Our prayers are with Minot and surrounding area.

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