State releases $35 million to non-oil counties

BISMARCK–State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt has handed out $35 million worth of checks to the state’s non-oil producing counties, cities and townships for road projects.

The payment is the first of the $60 million allocated by the 2011 Legislature. The $25 million payout will come next year. (Find the legislation directing this funding on pages 2 and 3 here.)

To find out how much money your area is getting, view this report: Highway report. Here is the township report

Or, you can manually look it up here: go to this link. As an example of how to search, click county. To see the recent results, the payment date begin and end should be 6/13/2011.

Under distribution type, select either 2011 HB 1012 Highway or 2011 HB 1012 Township Road. Then select the county.

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