Tell me your tips for deck gardening

I’m now on Day 4 of my vacation, which is unfortunately cleaning day. Yesterday’s gardening day was much more fun.

The Forum suggested I have a gardening blog because I’ve been scheming for months already how to turn my deck into a greenhouse. However, I’m not nearly as garden savvy as my mother, so I don’t think anyone wants my garden advice.

I always want to grow something unusual every year to see if I can make it a hit on a deck….of course, it’s always a flop. Like the year I tried to grow watermelon on my deck. This year, I’m planning to grow a stalk of corn. I’d like to grow blueberries as well, but they seem a little high maintenance. Has anyone out there grown blueberries in a pot on a deck before?

So, I have the basics of flowers, strawberries and tomatoes going on so far. My mother also got me a raised garden box for onions and peppers and whatnot. You’d be surprised at how much of a garden one can have on a deck. I’d be interested to hear about other deck gardens out there. Here are a few pictures of my work in progress:

That box of grass in the corner is for my salad eating cat.

I’ll post a picture of my garden box once it’s planted. If only I could have a peach tree on my deck, too………..

Tell me what’s worked for you with deck gardening.

7 thoughts on “Tell me your tips for deck gardening

  1. Hello,
    Neat idea for a blog. I like to plant tomatoes and peppers in pots because when bad weather comes I can move them inside (if I’m home) I think you may have a problem with your stalk of corn most corn needs to be plant in rows as you need both a female and male. Not sure on the Blueberries

  2. Yes, you definitely need more than one stalk of corn for pollination (if you actually want ears of corn on your stalk).

    The main thing I’ve learned over the years for deck and patio plants is, BIG pots. The bigger the better–especially for vegetables–because big pots don’t dry out as fast, which means the plants don’t go through as much stress from being too dry.

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