Latest bills signed by the governor

BISMARCK–Here’s what Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed into law last week:

1206: Western Area Water Supply Authority

1003: higher ed budget

1001: legislative budget

1002: judicial budget

1004: Health Department budget

1005: Indian Affairs Commission budget

1006: North Dakota Aeronautics Commission budget

1007: Veterans budget

1020: Extension Service, Northern Crops Institute, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, research centers budgets

1025: Comprehensive Tobacco Control Advisory Committee budget

1057: angel fund investment tax credit

2001: Governor’s Office budget

2002: Secretary of state’s budget

2005: State treasurer budget

2006: Tax commissioner budget

2007: Labor commissioner budget

2008: Public Service Commission budget

2009: Ag Department budget

2016: Adjutant general budget

2021: Workforce Safety and Insurance budget

2057: Commerce Department budget

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