Renter filing deadline approaches

BISMARCK – Low-income senior citizens and disabled persons may be able to receive a refund for part of their rent money, Tax Commissioner Cory Fong said in a news release today.

The deadline for filing for the refund is May 31.

The Renter’s Refund program is part of the Homestead Credit for Senior Citizens or Disabled Persons that the state Tax Department administers. The refund program is available to low-income renters who are 65 or older or permanently and totally disabled. Mobile home residents may also be eligible for a refund of part of the lot rent they paid, the news release said.

“This is an important program, especially for those who need it most – the low-income, elderly and disabled – those individuals who might be having a hard time meeting basic living expenses like electricity, heat and food,” Fong said in a statement.

In addition to the age or disability status and income criteria, there are certain other eligibility requirements for the renter refund. To qualify for the program, a renter’s 2010 income cannot exceed $26,000. If 20 percent of the total amount of rent paid is more than 4 percent of their 2010 income, they could be eligible for a refund. The maximum refund amount is $400.

Anyone who thinks they might be eligible should contact the Tax Department and request an application. Call (701) 328-3127 or (877)328-7088 option 6 for more information.