Latest bills signed by the governor

BISMARCK–Here are some more bills signed into law by Gov. Jack Dalrymple late last week.

1041: relating to a nurse aide registry, individuals exempt from regulation by the state board of nursing, and supervision of nursing interventions;

1044: relating to ambulance operations areas, an emergency medical services advisory council, emergency medical services funding areas, and state financial assistance for emergency medical services;

1046: relating to a sales tax exemption for potash and byproducts of potash
and taxation of potash and byproducts;

1074: relating to school district reimbursement for boarding care costs;

1085: relating to conditions on an early childhood license, self-declaration, or registration document involving a child abuse and neglect investigation and to the confidentiality of child abuse and neglect records and information.

1134: relating to definitions of member tiers under the teachers’ fund for retirement

1047: tax relief package

1094: relating to investment of special funds in the state treasury for the purpose of funding grants for teachers to pursue national board certification.

1095: relating to the approval process of group foster care facilities

1099: relating to special events permits for domestic wineries and domestic distilleries, direct shipments of alcoholic beverages, procedures available to the tax commissioner in case of seizure of tobacco products, reporting and remittance of use tax collected during odd-numbered years, the definition of state for motor vehicle excise tax reciprocity purposes, cooperative agreements for the exchange of motor fuels tax information, and cooperative agreements for the exchange of special fuels tax information.

1103: relating to definitions and anatomical gifting

1112: relating to public deposits.

1124: relating to the individual income tax credit for installation of geothermal energy devices

1127: relating to health carrier external appeals and internal claims and appeals procedures

1133: relating to definitions of beneficiary and salary, incorporation of federal law changes, and modification of death and beneficiary provisions under the teachers’ fund for retirement.

1138: relating to the Uniform Real Property Transfer at Death Act;

1142: related to registered agritourism activity liability.

1144: relating to crew housing permit fees for crew housing facilities;

1152: to provide for medicaid supplemental payments to critical access hospitals

1174: relating to copies of medical records and medical bills.

1194: relating to public hearings relating to property tax increases.

1199: to provide for a study of guardianship services for vulnerable adults in the state

1252: to establish a legislative management health care reform review committee

1266: relating to a state department of health emergency medical services and trauma medical director;

1269: relating to mental disability and firearm possession

1424: relating to compensation allowable to retailers for expenses associated
with the collection, reporting, and remittance of state sales, use, and gross receipts taxes and the sales and use tax exemption for chemicals used for agricultural purposes

2024: relating to inmate medical care costs, inmate medical claims
processing, and medicaid coverage to inmates in certain situations

2049: relating to exclusion of certain subsidized rental property from the property tax exemption for property used for charitable or other public purposes

2073: relating to the definition of direct expenditures and campaign contribution statements.

2113: relating to chemical tests and the state crime laboratory.

2114: relating to background checks for potential workforce safety and insurance job applicants; relating to service of administrative orders by regular mail, nonpayment of weight loss and smoking programs unless ordered by the organization, eligibility for the scholarship program, travel reimbursements for injured workers, work trial and work search, payment of mileage during training programs, and eligibility for the revolving loan fund

2187: relating to the North Dakota real estate appraiser qualifications and ethics board and appraiser permit approval standards

2197: relating to licensing requirements for the special fuels tax;

2203: relating to annual reports for transportation funding;

2207: relating to temporary motor vehicle registration and excise tax

2231: relating to the registration of sexual offenders.

2233: relating to a requirement to report sexual conduct by a child discovered on a workplace computer;

2247: relating to a domestic violence fatality review commission

2308: relating to special permits for oversize and overweight vehicles, a motor carrier electronic permit transaction fund, and a line of credit

2309: relating to federal health care reform legislation.

2311: relating to the North Dakota teacher of the year award.

2325: to provide an appropriation to the upper great plains transportation institute

2327: relating to the use of state or political subdivision services or property for political purposes

2347: relating to the petroleum compensation fund

2369: relating to the state disaster relief fund; to provide appropriations to the adjutant general for emergency snow removal grants, flood mitigation, and for state disasters

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  1. Thank you for posting all of the above. My question is about an editorial in the Fargo Forum saying that the legislators voted against a “milk for children appropriation”. Is that true? If so is there a way to change that? If it’s true I agree with the editorial.

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