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Dear Teri,

When it comes to blizzards, is there any criteria used to determine when to close a road? With so many getting stuck on the road this last blizzard, it would seem they waited a bit too long to set up the gates. It would seem that, once they know it’s bad enough to close in one area, they could close another when the storm just begins rather than when it starts to get bad.

Mike Hennessy

Grand Forks

Thanks for writing! Since your topic is timely, I moved it to the top of my letter stack. Here’s what Jamie Olson of the North Dakota Department of Transportation told me:

“The National Weather Service provides information to the public about weather conditions and oncoming storms or hazardous weather conditions that may be expected. The North Dakota Department of Transportation provides information to the public about road conditions.

“Local law enforcement and North Dakota Highway Patrol have authority to open and close roadways. Roads are closed when conditions create a life-threatening danger to motorists or the roadway is impassable. Roads are opened when it is deemed safe for the traveling public. The NDDOT coordinates the opening and closing of state and interstate highways with the Highway Patrol when conditions warrant.

“Predicting the severity and path of a storm or the impacts it may have to motorists is very difficult, as conditions can quickly change. Storms may impact one area of the state differently than another area.

“NDDOT equipment operators work hard to keep roads open and safe for travel during a storm. However, conditions can be so severe that that is not possible, and the road must close. Equipment operators also provide information on actual road conditions to the NDDOT Travel Information Map on our website and by calling 511 from any phone. These are the best places for the public to go to find out road conditions.

“As conditions deteriorate, the NDDOT issues three levels of travel advisories to caution the public about winter driving conditions. Motorists are encouraged to take these advisories seriously.

“Staying informed by checking the Travel Map or calling 511 is the best line of defense for motorists. Being prepared for winter travel conditions is important. Always check road conditions before you travel, but be prepared by having a winter survival kit in your vehicle at all times.

“Thank you for contacting the North Dakota Department of Transportation.”

Here are also some interesting tidbits that Col. James Prochniak of the Highway Patrol told state senators last week:

– One officer shoveled out 15 vehicles.

– Officers aided five diabetic motorists who were stranded and needed food.

– Officers helped a stranded man returning home after hip surgery and transported him home.

– They assisted a stranded woman who had a spinal tap procedure earlier in the day and who was in pain.

– They responded to a stranded prisoner transport vehicle and transported the two prisoners and guards to a nearby correctional center.

– Officers along Highway 83 and Interstate 94 traveled on foot up to half a mile to check on drivers and assure them that help was on the way.

– Officers escorted numerous dialysis patients to Bismarck that Saturday morning when they couldn’t make it due to closed roadways.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Ask Your Government

  1. I agree that they do a good job in most situations. My chief complaint would be not giving prior notice before closing the highways/roads so people could make plans to get home or stay in town.

  2. This is where I draw the line. The NWS issued a no travel advisory a couple of days in advance. People CHOSE to go against that, and put their lives at risk. There is another major winter storm that is coming Monday into Tuesday. Plenty of advanced warning, yet when the roads close this time, there’s still going to be people that ignore that and risk their lives to go out.

    Also, here’s the link to the NDDOT travel info page since it wasn’t posted.

  3. In light of the assistance provided by troopers in this weather situation, it should be noted that on the governor’s proposed budget, the house recently voted to cut funds for three existing positions and cancel funding for four additional trooper spots in the state. The senate is yet to vote.

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