Pharmacy bill gets do-not pass vote

BISMARCK—Chain retailers may not want to think about opening pharmacies in North Dakota just yet.

The House Industry, Business and Labor Committee gave a 10-3 do-not pass recommendation to the idea on Wednesday.

House Bill 1434 deletes wording in North Dakota law that requires pharmacies be majority-owned by pharmacists licensed in the state. This would have allowed retailers like Target and Walmart to open their own pharmacies in the state.

Committee Chairman Rep. George Keiser, R-Bismarck, said he voted against the bill based on testimony that current law serves the state’s residents well.

Rep. Thomas Beadle, R-Fargo, has said he sponsored the bill on behalf of more than 40 constituents who want to see the law changed.

This same issue came up during the 2009 Legislature and failed to make it on the 2010 ballot due to a flaw in the way petitions were circulated. North Dakota is the only state in the nation with this law.

The bill will now go to the House floor for a full vote.

3 thoughts on “Pharmacy bill gets do-not pass vote

  1. Make sure you have your facts straight.. Target, Walgreens, Walmart or (enter whatever big box store here) can still open Pharmacies. They just can’t own more the 49% of it. Which means they won’t have the majority share in decision making etc. This is why they choose not to open a Pharmacy in their stores in ND>

    I truly hope that this bill doesn’t pass. I have seen what these large chain stores have done to the small business owner in America and it isn’t pretty. Specially with Walmart, they have a history of selling items below what most people can get it for wholesale (and yes they are selling it at a loss), to put people out of business so they can inflate prices later on. Don’t believe look down south where they have their strong holds. Small town America is dead and all there is.. is Walmart.

  2. Sure is nice to be able to talk to others in the other 49 States and try to explain how North Dakota law makes it the ONLY State in the Union with this law. Just adds to the “backwards” people in North Dakota. Yah know, if the local owners were so great, and so concerned about their customers and did such a great job, they would not be concerned about the Big Box stores. Sad day for North Dakota ………..

  3. It sure is funny that all other states can justify these additional pharmacies and ND can’t do the same. It must be that our current pharmacies have better lobbyists. Could it be they would have to lower their prices or start a membership program.

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