N.D. divorce bill turned into study

BISMARCK — A bill that sought to delay divorces for couples with children and require marriage counseling was turned into a study this morning.

The bill now asks for a 2011-12 interim study to look into the physical, emotional and financial effects associated with divorces involving dependent children.

The study asks for legislative policy solutions, including divorce reform legislation and marriage and relational education.

The amended bill received a 5-1 do-pass recommendation from the Senate Judiciary Committee, which had voiced opposition to the original bill. The revised bill now goes to the full Senate for a vote.

9 thoughts on “N.D. divorce bill turned into study

  1. This is less government? The state paying to study the private lives of its citizens. I guess that only applies when the Democrats are in the majority. Al Carlson – more government – less taxes for the rich – less taxes for business – more money for NDSU – less money for the people he wants to do his work. PRICELESS

  2. This is definately an intrusion into the private lives of adult citizens. The educational counseling is nothing more than another way for the psycholgical community to increase revenues. I thought this was a No-Fault Divorce State…and I am tired of Legislature introducing legislation that iinterfers with the decisions of people who want a divorce…where is the separation???

  3. What is the harm in studying physical, emotional and financial effects associated with divorces involving dependent children? Perhaps opponents are afraid of what may be found out about these effects? Of course these are the same people that oppose marriage and traditional families and they are the same people who earn their living from the divorce industry and the huge government that divorce helps to create. Think of how divorce enlarges the government. Social services, courts, child support enforcement, medicare, medicaid, and it helps foster a dependence on government, because the family is weakened. Who will take care of dear old Dad? The government. Who will pay to send the kids through college? The government. When the family is weakened the government becomes more necessary. Keeping families together, does shrink the government.

  4. Studies have already been done about the effects of divorce on children, this one is pointless. As a child of divorce and a child of a parent who stayed in a horrible second marriage, as to not have another failed marriage under her belt; I know that divorce can be the lesser of the two evils. You simply cannot force a couple into therapy and expect it to work.

    • Oh I see. Case closed then. I just thought with all that is at stake in society that a little more study could not hurt, but since someone has already looked at this issue, we must just accept it.

  5. Look, if your a party that says they don’t want big intrusive Government. Then don’t be a big intrusive Government. However; they only advocate the values and rights certain people believe in. The conservatives in this state do not believe people are smart enough to make their own decisions. Counseling is a personal decision especially couples counsling and what happens when both people do not agree to this does this mean no divorce? what about abuse? This is dumb.

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  7. Are we headed back to the old days, when parents arranged marriages? or maybe it would work out better if the government just did it?? We must be very comfortable with our lives in ND and the US…..cause only when we are this comfortable do we have the time, energy, and means to start controlling every possible aspect of peoples lives. I’ve found that most people do not understand that liberal means “more government” (not liberal lifestyle) and that conservative means “less government interaction and laws and taxes” (not conservative lifestyle, such as ND)…….anyone who really understands this, is a conservative in a political sense of the meaning. Whether the republican/conservative party that currently exists in the US follows the original meaning, is highly debateable.

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