Smoking vote breakdown

In case you’re interested in knowing how your representatives voted on the bill that would have banned smoking with kids in the car:


HB 1150: A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 39-01 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to smoking in vehicles; to amend and reenact subsection 1 of section 39-06.1-06 and section 39-06.1-08 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to statutory fees for nonmoving violations; and to provide a penalty.

The question being on the final passage of the bill, which has been read, and has committee
recommendation of DO NOT PASS, the roll was called and there were 28 YEAS, 66 NAYS,
YEAS: Amerman; Clark; Froseth; Glassheim; Gruchalla; Guggisberg; Hatlestad; Hogan;
Holman; Hunskor; Kaldor; Keiser; Kelsh, J.; Kelsh, S.; Kingsbury; Klemin;
Kretschmar; Maragos; Metcalf; Mock; Mueller; Onstad; Sanford; Skarphol; Sukut;
Trottier; Winrich; Zaiser
NAYS: Anderson; Beadle; Bellew; Belter; Boe; Boehning; Brabandt; Brandenburg; Carlson;
Conklin; Dahl; Damschen; DeKrey; Delmore; Delzer; Devlin; Dosch; Frantsvog;
Grande; Hanson; Hawken; Headland; Heilman; Heller; Hofstad; Johnson, D.;
Johnson, N.; Karls; Kasper; Kelsch, R.; Kempenich; Kilichowski; Klein; Koppelman;
Kreidt; Kreun; Kroeber; Louser; Martinson; Meier, L.; Meyer, S.; Monson; Nathe;
Nelson, J.; Nelson, M.; Owens; Paur; Pietsch; Pollert; Porter; Rohr; Ruby; Rust;
Schatz; Schmidt; Steiner; Streyle; Thoreson; Vigesaa; Wall; Weiler; Weisz; Wieland;
Williams; Wrangham; Speaker Drovdal

HB 1150 lost.

If you want to know how legislators vote on certain bills, you can go to this website. Then click on House (or Senate) Journal. Each legislative day has its own link, where you can get information on the floor sessions and learn how legislators voted on each bill.