Ladybug bill flies through

The North Dakota House voted 88-6 to make the ladybug the state insect.

The bill will now move to the Senate.

Here is the official wording of the bill: 

“The convergent lady beetle, hippodamia convergens, commonly known as a ladybug, is the official insect of the state of North Dakota.”

There were chuckles in the House since Rep. Thomas Beadle, R-Fargo, stood up to promote the beetle bill.

The bill stems from a group of Kenmare second-graders who learned how ladybugs help the state’s crops by eating aphids.

2 thoughts on “Ladybug bill flies through

  1. Considering how late in the day the Mr. Beadle consistently shows up for the legislative session, I’m surprised he managed to speak on anything.

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