Legislative week ahead

BISMARCK–For Fighting Sioux nickname supporters and opponents, this is your week to make your voice heard to state lawmakers.

But the school nickname isn’t the only hot button issue slated for this week. 

The week begins with more testimony related to school bullying bills.

Also today, lawmakers will discuss a bill related to providing a location for underage drinking.

On Tuesday, legislators will discuss those with mental disabilities and the possession of firearms.

A hearing to temporarily ban tuition increases at the state’s public colleges is also planned for Tuesday.

All of the bills related to the Fighting Sioux nickname will be heard Wednesday. Hearings begins at 9 a.m. in the state Capitol.

Later that morning, lawmakers will discuss a bill related to limiting property tax increases.

On Thursday, texting while driving is in the hot seat and rounding out the week on Friday is the bill related to graduated driver’s licenses.

For a list of all of the issues with hearings this week, go to http://www.legis.nd.gov/ Click on Session Quick Links. Then click on House (or Senate) Committee Hearings.

2 thoughts on “Legislative week ahead

  1. I would like to see them keep the name. I think that the Sprit Lake and Standing Rock tribes should vote on use of the name. The Sprit Lake Tribe gave approval but just the council memebers of the Standing Rock gave approval. They need to have a vote of all tribal members on Standing Rock. If the concenus is determined not to have then so be it. But let them vote and not just the council. If the members if the Standing Rock vote then they have approval from both tribes and it would not be a issue to use the name.

  2. For heaven’s sake, a school mascot isn’t something the state legislature needs to get all torn up about. Our legislators are supposed to be there for REAL issues, like property taxes, education funding, and funding for infrastructure. It’s not a popularity contest, folks; you’ve already been elected. Now get to work and do something meaningful.

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