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Dear Teri,

Why are there tuition waivers? A waiver for ex-servicemen is understandable, but shouldn’t state students and taxpayers have equal concern?

Ardis Johnson


Thanks for writing! Here is what Laura Glatt of the North Dakota University System said:

“In the absence of waivers, NDUS [North Dakota University System] campuses would not be able to compete with other campuses across the country for students, including the best and brightest students for graduate and research programs.

“Other campuses use waivers as a recruitment mechanism for students. These graduate and research students contribute to the quality of the NDUS graduate programs and research by providing instruction to undergraduates and assisting with faculty research.

“Also, some remain in North Dakota following graduation, stimulating North Dakota’s economy by contributing to business and industry through their advanced education and knowledge and/or by creating new business start-ups.

“In fact, the North Dakota Legislature funded a program that specifically addresses increasing the number of graduate students in North Dakota for this very reason.

“Another example would be the need for the NDUS to attract a culturally diverse student population through waivers provided to Native Americans and international students who contribute to the cultural richness of the educational experience for all North Dakota students.

“The workplace no longer has physical boundaries, making it vitally important that North Dakota students graduating from a North Dakota campus have an educational experience that prepares them to be successful in a culturally diverse workforce.”

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