Dalrymple gives info on power outage

Gov. Jack Dalrymple has more information on today’s power outage at the N.D. Capitol that lasted about 25 minutes this morning.

Dalrymple said a transformer went out. Power has now been restored to the majority of the building, but there is still not power in the Judicial Wing. That wing includes the Information Technology Department, which is the central area for Internet access, e-mail and phone service.

Dalrymple said the state is awaiting more word on how long it will take to repair the transformer.

Apparently the state’s back-up system did try to automatically kick in but was foiled by the same transformer that won’t let the regular power go through, Dalrymple said.

Employees in the Judicial Wing have been told that they may go home, and so those agencies are closed for the remainder of the day, Dalrymple said. These include the Highway Patrol and Supreme Court. 

The Legislature will not be able to hold floor session today, Dalrymple said. Therefore, it will not count as an official legislative day, though committees are continuing to work.

Dalrymple spokesman Jeff Zent says the public may experience a delay in response if they’re trying to reach a state agency due to the technical difficulties.

“We’re hoping we have all of our communication services back up tomorrow,” Zent said.