Week 3: Legislative week ahead

BISMARCK — We’re entering Week 3 of the North Dakota Legislature, and drinking, school bullying and bad driving are among this week’s highlights.

On Monday, lawmakers will hear Senate Bill 2133 related to using fake IDs to buy alcohol.

Businesses can seize the ID if they think it’s fake and must notify law enforcement within 24 hours.

Also Monday, lawmakers will discuss requiring lockdown drills at schools.

House Bill 1215 says the drills would need to occur at least twice each school year.

On the higher education side, North Dakota colleges will have hearings throughout the week about their funding requests.

On Tuesday, lawmakers will also discuss House Bill 1212 banning alcohol at college sporting events.

On Wednesday, Senate Bill 2167--one of the school bullying bills—will have its first hearing.

Lawmakers will also tackle some bad driving bills Thursday, with Senate Bill 2157 proposing a $100 fine for entering a road closed due to hazardous conditions.

Senate Bill 2177 would require at least 3 feet between vehicles and bicycles on the road.

Fargo leaders will be in town Thursday to discuss long-term flood protection in Cass County.

For the full list of bill hearings, go to www.legis.nd.gov. Click on Session Quick Links and then House (or Senate) Committee Hearings.