No Name Calling Day

North Dakota would celebrate No Name Calling Day every January if a piece of legislation is approved.

Senate Bill 2167 would designate the fourth Wednesday in January for the day. The purpose is:

– to increase public awareness regarding the effects of verbal bullying

–to encourage students to use positive dialogue and pledge not to use hurtful names on this day

–to promote tolerance and respect for differences

–to reaffirm the commitment of the citizens of the state to basic human rights and dignity.

The bill also says the superintendent of public instruction shall make available to school districts a list of bullying prevention and intervention resources, as well as evidence-based curricula, best practices and academic-based research pertaining to bullying prevention and intervention.

Under the bill, each school district would need to provide ongoing professional development regarding bullying prevention and intervention to teachers, administrators, school nurses, cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, athletic coaches, extracurricular activity advisers and paraprofessionals.

Each district would need to develop a plan to address bullying prevention and intervention.

Each district also would need to provide parents information regarding:

1. The dynamics of bullying;

2. Cyber-bullying and online safety;

3. Ways in which parents can support the school district’s or nonpublic school’s anti-bullying curriculum at home;

4. The school district’s or nonpublic school’s bullying prevention plan; and

5. Ways in which parents can support the school district’s or nonpublic school’s bullying prevention plan.

This is one of the bills related to bullying this session. You can find the entire bill here.

One thought on “No Name Calling Day

  1. No name calling is amazing. I know it’s a law for only one day, but this is where it all starts. You make a statement and others will catch on that no bullying of any kind should be tolerable. Glad to see more people doing something about school bullying.

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