Al Carlson and the Fighting Sioux

House Majority Leader�Al Carlson of Fargo is among the lawmakers trying to keep the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname. Find the bill draft here.

You can listen to Carlson talk about the bill here.

And here is a bill draft on the same issue by Rep. David Monson, R-Osnabrock: Monson bill

You can read the Grand Forks Herald story here.

3 thoughts on “Al Carlson and the Fighting Sioux

  1. ND has bigger problems than the UND nickname…….Red River protection, Devil’s Lake, infrastructure needs in western ND and taxes.

    Waste of money, Carlson……not that hard to figure out!!

  2. Thank you Al Carlson !! It’s about time our law makers get involved on the Sioux nickname issue and put an end to this B.S. The way it’s been handled up to this point has been a joke. Thank you for supporting UND and it’s ND heritage !!

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