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One of my blog readers asked the following:

“For the past five years, how many dollars of tuition have been waived each year, and what percent is that of the total tuition that would have been charged for all students? Second question: What is the breakout of those tuition waivers between undergrad, master’s and doctoral students and by degree area? Again by year.”

Here’s what Laura Glatt of the North Dakota University System said:

“Earlier this year, the NDUS began producing a new report on waivers with substantially more detailed information. ((NOTE: The report that Glatt refers to can be found here: tuition report. She also passed along an updated report, which can be found here: recent tuition report)

“You will note that we do not collect information by level of instruction. However, you will note detailed information by campus, by residency category. Also, on page six you will find information related to different categories of waivers, including graduate student waivers. The report includes several interesting and generally surprising facts, including:

“1.) While the NDUS provided tuition discounts of $27 million during 2008-09, the students receiving a tuition discount still paid campuses over $16 million in tuition, almost $10 million in on-campus housing and meal plans, and over $6 million in mandatory fees, for total payments to the institutions of over $33 million. (Chart 1).

“2.) Of the total 50,823 headcount degree-credit students enrolled in the NDUS in 2008-09, approximately 15% (7,707 students) received a full or partial tuition discount, while the remaining 85% received no discount at all. Of the 15.2% that received a discount, 4.5% (2,283 students) received a full discount, while the remaining 10.6% (5,424 students) received a partial discount (partial discount can range from 1 to 99% of the posted tuition charge.) (Chart 2, section D)

“3.) Over half (52%) of all full and partial discounts are provided to North Dakota residents (4,027), 24% to in-country nonresidents (1,804), and 24% to international students (1,876). (Chart 5)

“Here is the amount of waivers for each of the past five years as you requested:

04-05               $20.3 million

05-06               $22.2 million

06-07               $23.7 million

07-08               $24.1 million

08-09               $27.3 million

“A large portion of the rate of increase over this period of time can be attributed to tuition rate increases. As tuition rates increase, so does the amount of any waiver.”

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