Updated election numbers

Secretary of State Al Jaeger just sent out some statistics regarding this year’s November election. Here they are below:

Gross Number of Ballots Mailed by County Auditors: 69,438

Gross Number of Ballots Returned to County Auditors: 65,061 = Percentage Returned – 93.69%


Number of Ballots Mailed by Vote-By-Mail Counties: 35,464

Number of Ballots Returned to Vote-By-Mail Counties: 32,804 = Percentage Returned – 94.94%

Number of Absentee Ballots Mailed by non Vote-By-Mail Counties: 33,974

Number of Ballots Returned to non Vote-By-Mail Counties: 32,257 = Percentage Returned – 94.94%

Early Voting Precincts

Votes cast in counties that had an early voting precinct = 23,118

Total Votes cast before Election Day = 88,179 or 36.6% of the total number of votes cast, which was 240,8761 (subject to results from 3 recounts)

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