Emineth will not seek RNC post

Former North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Gary Emineth has sent out an e-mail announcing he will not seek the party’s national chairman post.

Here is the e-mail:

Sent this out to members of the Republican National Committee

At the “Take Back Washington” Rally held when I was party chairman in ND our keynote speaker made an important statement.   As a member of Congress in her second term, she put it this way:

“Before you get to Washington, you’d better know who you are.”

With that as a preface, let me say this:  I have decided not to seek the position of RNC chairman.  Right now, my business and my family require my undivided attention.  The timing is not right for me.

Even as I say that, I feel compelled to qualify my statement.  I believe I could have been a good chairman.  What I want you to know is just how important your decision in the January election to choose the next RNC Chairman is to the future of this country.  We’ve all seen what happens when the electorate is mesmerized and overtly influenced by a seductive personality.

As a former finance director, executive director, finance chairman and finally Party chairman, I learned one thing-it wasn’t about me.  It was all about getting all the pieces in place and setting the wheels in motion so that the victory train would come rolling into the station exactly on time with Republican candidates on board.  To be a successful chairman is first and foremost to know your job description and not become distracted by the siren songs heard inside the beltway.

The ability to forget yourself and get lost in a vigorous, efficient and effective Get-Out-the-Vote initiative, to target the major donors in your constituency in order to maximize fund raising efforts and to manage paid staff and volunteers all at once is no small thing.  The person who will lead the Republican Party toward the 2012 National Convention with the best candidate to win the White House must be someone who isn’t afraid to “roll up the sleeves and get the hands dirty.”

I love being an American where this can be anyone-a soccer mom from a small town, an immigrant from another continent, someone with a  southern accent or even someone like me without a college education.  There are no requirements-just willingness to serve and represent those who put their confidence in you.  You know people like this-people who have already announced their candidacy, some who will very soon.

Your constituents have placed their faith in you to choose a chairman who will help to determine the future of this country.  Please consider this above all else when you cast your vote for RNC  Chairman.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.  Hope to see you all again soon