Tea party event set for Bismarck

BISMARCK—Organizers of a North Dakota tea party event set for Saturday say they plan to energize the public to go to the polls in November.

Speakers will offer observations about the government and their solutions for how things should be handled differently, a news release said. The event is from 1 to 2:30 p.m. CT on the steps of the state Capitol.

“We can’t simply complain and be angry about the direction of government. We have to offer our own solutions and ideas for how things should be changed,” Robert Harms, president of Citizens for Responsible Government, said in a statement.

Perry Schumacher, an event organizer, said the public will have a chance to express its views as well.

The event will include discussion about state spending/revenues, national debt and deficit spending, entitlement programs, health care reform, energy policy, initiated measures, property taxes and other public policies.

Gary Emineth, a keynote speaker and former chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party, said the 2010 election is one of the most important in his lifetime.

“I’ve been involved in the political process for 30 years and, unless the citizens of our nation express a new direction at the polls in 2010, we will continue to see an expansion of government intervention in all aspects of American life and our economy that will be difficult to reverse in our lifetime,” he said in a statement.