Campaign fatigue

If you’re tired of campaign season, you aren’t the only one. I’ve visited with a few politicians in recent days who are ready for Election Day to be over. Months of campaigning, responding to attacks and doing their regular jobs are taking a toll.

What are your thoughts on election season? It’s an interesting issue because we live in a time where we want to know things RIGHT NOW, including if someone is running for office or not. So, politicians declare that they are and, from that time on, campaign season is on. Is our current system working? Is it needed to take the time to get to know people and what they stand for? Or would you rather see a shorter election season?

One thought on “Campaign fatigue

  1. A lot of states have an early September primary. I think ND used to as well. That would shorten the ND political season. But, the one I get tired of is the presidential election, which will kick off on November 3rd! Waaaay too early. That Primary season needs to be condensed to May or maybe a national primary date in June, with a “winner takes all” approach.

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