Today’s farm-to-school story

I hope you enjoy my farm-to-school story today. The partnership among Granville students, staff and community to get students interested in healthy eating was really quite interesting to see. You can see my video slideshow here: Farm to School and see the story on The Forum’s or The Herald’s websites. I easily could have written a much longer story on this topic (and, in fact, did, but it had to be cut for space reasons).

I’d like to get out into rural ND again to do stories about interesting things small towns are doing. Leave me a comment here or e-mail me with your ideas.

2 thoughts on “Today’s farm-to-school story

  1. Excellent story — I loved the two little boys and their comparison of broccoli and trees. When we listen, we learn.
    Your work is contributing to the health of North Dakota news.

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