DOT urges caution this weekend

As we head into the holiday weekend, the North Dakota Department of Transportation wants you to remember to play it safe out on the roads.

“We are in the midst of one of our busiest construction seasons,” NDDOT Director says Francis Ziegler said in a statement. “We want motorists to continue to use caution as they travel through the state and through construction zones this holiday weekend. As of Aug. 15, we have not had any fatalities in our work zones this year, which shows that motorists have been following precautions when driving through construction zones.”

The NDDOT urges motorists to follow these simple tips to help prevent work zone crashes during this high-travel weekend:

1.    Stay Alert. Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.

2.    Minimize distractions. Don’t talk on your cell phone, text, change the radio stations, or try to do thing that aren’t meant to be done while driving.

3.    Be patient. Work zones aren’t present to inconvenience drivers; they’re an important part of maintaining and rebuilding our state’s infrastructure.

4.    Don’t speed. Obey posted speed limits at all times, even when workers aren’t present. Pavement or other conditions may exist that require reduced speed.

5.    Pay close attention to signs, and obey them.

6.    Plan your trip. Go to the NDDOT website at and check out the Travel Information Map. There you can find the most current information as to where work zones are taking place throughout the state. You can access the same information by calling 511.