Recommendations from the N.D. Youth Council

The full report by the North Dakota Youth Council can be found at

Here’s a sampling of the recommendations in the report:

–Each college shall create access to a central “Advising Center” staffed with academic and career advisers with hours extending into the evening. The centers should include representation from Job Service North Dakota to create career connections.

–Require a full disclosure in lending clause for in-state student loans that detail what the total cost of the loan will be and an estimated monthly payment.

–Encourage personal finance to be embedded in academic curriculum in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education.

–Encourage college and university campuses to include careers and occupations that the degree would qualify a student for on the college department websites.

–The North Dakota University System should increase online course offerings in master’s and PhD coursework.

–Local communities should coordinate “fun buses” to major events or shopping days to the metropolitan areas that are targeted for young people.

–Local city councils and other community organizations should embrace youth leadership by creating a voting youth position or creating a separate youth council.

–Implement a local awareness mental health initiative in schools to educate students on the warning signs of suicide and depression.

— Local schools should create more rigor in physical education curriculum and include wellness/preventative health education to teach lifelong skills.

–Address teen alcoholism directly, especially on reservations, through peer-to-peer strategies.