Keiser statement on federal health care

UPDATED 4:15 p.m. to reflect Keiser’s corrected news release sent out.

Rep. George Keiser, R-Bismarck, who is chairman of the Industry, Business and Labor interim committee, sent out this news release today. What do you think? Look for a story from this tomorrow.

"The interim Industry, Business and Labor Committee has spent almost a year identifying the impact of the new federal health care regulations on North Dakota. After much study, the IBL committee concluded that the new health care law will increase costs for North Dakota families by about $1.1 Billion over the next ten years. A family of four will pay an extra $6,900 on average through 2019 because of the new law."

"Even assuming that all individuals enrolled with Blue Cross/Blue Shield remain in ‘grandfathered’ plans, the bill will cost North Dakotans at least $74,200 to cover each of the uninsured. Our study raises serious concerns about the fiscal sustainability of this law, both for the state of North Dakota and for its citizens."

"It should be noted that ours remains a conservative estimate of costs. We have not accounted for the inevitable effects of inflation on health care costs and health technologies. If Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans cease to be grandfathered, the numbers presented above would almost double."

"North Dakotans deserve answers from the federal government on how our citizens and state can mitigate the substantial costs associated with the new health care law…Where are the cost-savings for our citizens?"

Key findings; New healthcare bill findings:
· Total costs assuming Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans remain covered come out to: $1,113,082,352 over the period from 2010 through 2019
· The increase per family of four is expected to be at least $6902.83 over the same period
· The increase could add up to more than $11,400 if Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans are not grandfathered
· The average cost for each of the 15,000 uninsured who cannot obtain coverage due to pre-existing conditions is $74,200