State parks host artist in residency program

News release:

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is teaming up with the North Dakota Council on the Arts to bring the “Artist In Residency” program to the state parks.

Three area artists are being given the chance to showcase their crafts and talents, each at a difference state park for one week between July 15 and Aug. 30. This is an effort to incorporate the arts into the interpretive and educational activities at Lewis & Clark, Icelandic and Cross Ranch state parks.

Fargo’s Robb Siverson will be featured at Icelandic State Park from Aug. 8-15. Siverson is a passionate photographer drawn to the vastness and grandeur of the Northern Plains landscape. Siverson’s goal is to create a body of work showing North Dakota’s beauty through vivid images of Icelandic’s historical site and landscape.

Heidi Goldberg of Walcott will create a series of graphite and watercolor sketches translated to copper plates from which intaglio prints are made. Goldberg will display her talents at Cross Ranch State Park from Aug. 1-8.

Wahpeton’s Lise Erdrich will focus on writing environmental essays and introducing pictography derived from the traditional Anishinaabe art form of birch bark scribing during her stay at Lewis & Clark State Park from July 25-Aug. 1.

The Artist in Residency program recruits writers, composers, visual and performing artists, allowing them to express their experience through their art. Each artist is conducting a presentation and hands-on workshop for the public during their stay at the parks.

For more information about the visiting artists, contact the parks in which they are staying. More information about the parks can be found at