July 4 campaigning

This week, I spoke with a number of politicians getting ready to hit the July 4 parade circuit. John Hoeven, Tracy Potter, Wayne Stenehjem, Corey Mock, Al Jaeger, Rick Berg and Earl Pomeroy are among those out there parading. Did you run into any politicians out and about this weekend? Whom would you give the Best in Show prize to? 

In other related Mandan parade news, the world’s longest chicken dance in Mandan was deemed by organizers to be a success. They’re hoping to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. No immediate word if any of the above politicians were involved in that……………

3 thoughts on “July 4 campaigning

  1. I saw Gov. Hoeven in Mandan on the 4th. There was fun music and about 100 supporters dancing both while walking in the parade and on the float. You could really tell Gov. Hoeven and his supporters are truly energized! It was very fun to see.

  2. O.M.G. The parade in Mandan was probably the best one ever!!! Art in the Park food, 70s Elvis impersonators everywhere and the biggest chicken dance ever— what more could you ask for in a day! We drive up from Fargo every year because the parade is always better in Mandan. I had to comment on this because I had SO much fun and because there was definitely a politician who was “best in show”. The Governor and his “stache” blew everyone else out of the water! They had the best candy, the most volunteers, and were seemed like they were so excited to be there (and that was at the end of the parade)! Not to mention that it seemed like everyone walking around had a “Hoeven for Senate” sticker on— Nice work!! I think it’s awesome that our Governor, hopefully soon to be Senator, had such an awesome group this weekend!

  3. Like most 4th of July weekends, I spent mine at the Rough Rider Days parade in Dickinson. It’s always one of the best weekends of the summer, and this year it was especially fun to see all of the local politicians in full campaign mode (plus, the candy wasn’t bad either)! Best in show absolutely goes to our # 1 Governor John Hoeven and his volunteers— they rocked the parade!!

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