Pomeroy votes yes on Wall Street bill

The House has passed the Wall Street bill. What do you think of the bill?

A statement from Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D.:

“Tonight’s vote is a big step forward for the American people. For years, Wall Street has engaged in risky behavior that threatened the health of our economy and the well-being of millions of American families. The result was a financial crisis that drove our economy into the ditch. We’ve all seen the damage that can be done when we have big banks on Wall Street playing casino games and stacking the deck. This bill will crack down on that irresponsible behavior and put some common-sense rules in place to protect consumers. Never again will the American taxpayer have to bail out large financial firms — if they fail, they will be gone. This bill that does the right thing for North Dakotans and I look forward to watching the president sign it into law.”

One thought on “Pomeroy votes yes on Wall Street bill

  1. I like the idea now lets carry that downward if a person or family pays too much for a home they loose it there one the street no help no bail out no welfare, lets not forget the true reason for the recession,exces spending by those who knew they couldnt affored it and no personel accountability under obama.

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