Crabtree PSC statement

From Public Service Commission candidate Brad Crabtree:

BISMARCK – In a statement released today, Public Service Commission candidate Brad Crabtree called the North Dakota Public Service Commission’s attempt to blame the failure of the Big Stone II power plant in South Dakota on proposed federal climate legislation both "disturbing" and "unprecedented."

"Blaming failure for this project on federal legislation that never passed Congress intentionally misrepresents the facts of the case and politicizes the critical nonpartisan role of the Public Service Commission," Crabtree said in a statement.

The North Dakota Public Service Commission approved Montana-Dakota Utilities’ and Otter Tail Power’s request to recover pre-construction development costs for the now-defunct Big Stone II project through a rate increase to consumers.

"North Dakota ratepayers are now left with a bill because Kevin Cramer and his colleagues backed a project that was economically uncertain and featured yesterday’s coal technology, not today’s," Crabtree said.