Behind the Romney scenes

Some details just in about the Republican fundraiser in Mapleton tonight with Mitt Romney.

About 175 people attended the event, according to an estimate from Secretary of State Al Jaeger. He and the state’s other Republican candidates were invited to the event as honorary guests.

Romney posed for photos and gave about a 15-minute speech that was "very well received," Jaeger said.

"He talked about all the reasons that this country became very great, but that we are at a serious point in our history where if we don’t change course from that … it’s going to jeopardize our future," Jaeger said. "To a particular crowd like this, working very hard to change the makeup of the congressional delegation, a message like that was quite well received."

The event cost $1,000 per couple to attend and brought in about $150,000.

Romney didn’t make any announcements about his own political ambitions, Jaeger said. The former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate left the event about 8 p.m.