Livestock rule update

The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration will publish a proposed rule Tuesday that provides "meaningful defenses for family farmers and ranchers against unfair practices in the livestock markets," according to a release from North Dakota’s congressional delegation.

The rule will work to remove ambiguity from existing regulations and help smaller producers compete against larger operations.

Specific provisions will help producers increase fairness and transparency in pricing and marketing agreements, as well as identify practices that are unfair, unjustly discriminatory and/or deceptive, and retaliatory actions.

Provisions will also define undue or unreasonable preferences or advantages for large operations, as well as establish an improved process for producers to settle legal disputes. 

“For far too long livestock producers have been up against unfair practices and market barriers,” North Dakota’s congressional delegation said in a joint statement. “This is good news for livestock producers and a positive step forward in the effort to restore competition in cattle markets.”